1 Monitoring & Auditing Patients Issues from Home Based Services Prashant Aher, Akshay More, Prashant Birle, Shubham Pandey 1 to 6 Download Here
2 IMAGE SEARCH USING CONTENT DISSIMILARITY Priyanka L. Sonwane Atul P. Tarolkar 1 to 9 Download Here
3 A simple advanced evolutionary algorithm for job shop scheduling Kalyani D. Pawar, Kanchan A. Deshmane 1 to 6 Download Here
4 Fast Accessing Multimedia Services Using Social MobTV & Cloud Shubham Dhole , Pravin Awaghade , Ajay Chavan , Shubham Pol 1 to 6 Download Here
5 SEARCHING AND INDEXING ON BIG DATA Mayuri Bomewar, Snehal Bailmare, Mohinee Jadhao, Karishma Gaikwad 1 to 6 Download Here
6 ALIVE HUMAN BEING DETECTOR IN WAR FIELDS USING GSM AS WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Rachel Evangeline Christian, Sindhu Rani A.H, Tulasi. M, Guided by Sridevi Malipatil 1 to 6 Download Here
7 INTELLIGENCE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM USING RFID Gaurav A. Suratkar, Varun A. Kulkarni, Akshay R. Khatmode, Ravikant B. Kamble 1 to 9 Download Here
8 DESIGN OF MULTI CROP CUTTER Dr. U.V. Kongre, Akshay Komawar ,Pankaj Jiddewar, Abhishek Shrikundawar 1 to 5 Download Here
9 CONTEXT DEPENDENT SIMILARITY METHOD FOR LOGO MATCHING S.Aruna, T.S.V.V.Sai, S.P.Pavan, S.Hari haran 1 to 3 Download Here
10 MULTI-KEYWORD SEARCHING AND DYNAMIC OPERATIONS ON ENCRYPTED CLOUD DATA Anita Chavan, Supriya Gade, Avinash Nagarsoge, Namrata Nikhal 1 to 3 Download Here