Publication Charges

For Indian Authors

Indian Author (Per Paper &upto 6 pages)

Rs. 1500

Per Extra Page(if more than 6 pages)

Rs. 250

Certificate Hard Copy


*Post Publication Corrections

Rs. 500

Hard copy of Journal

Rs. 1000

For International Authors

International Author (Per Paper &upto 6 pages)

$ 100 USD

Per Extra Page(if more than 6 pages)

$5 USD

Publication e-Certificate


Certificate Hard Copy (International Author)

$ 10 USD Per Certificate

*Post Publication Corrections

$ 20 USD

Publication fees include.....

  • Publication of one entire research paper Online
  • Individual Certificate Hard Copy to all authors of paper.
  • Dispatch Charges of Certificate.
  • Editorial Fee.
  • Indexing, maintenance of link resolvers and journal infrastructures.

Payment Guidelines

There is no charge for the processing manuscript. But if your paper is accepted then author(s) have to pay the publication charge.
Before the accepted paper is published we will intimate the fees in the acceptance letter.
If you face any difficulties in submitting your manuscript, please contact us.

Note: "Publication fees once paid are not refundable."